Jacques Werner

Born on January 4th, 1944 / Swiss citizen


Doctor of Laws, 1975 University of Geneva

Graduate in Business Administration, 1967, University of Geneva

Master of Laws, 1970, Harvard Law School


Legal Counsel, Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland, 1970-1974

Legal Counsel, Cargill International, Geneva, Switzerland, 1974-1976


Principal of Werner & Associates, Geneva, Switzerland, a firm specializing in international transactions and international arbitrations, 1976 to present.

Visiting Professor at the Hunan Normal University Law School, Changsha, China

Adjunct Professor at City University of Hong Kong

Member of the Commission on International Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, 1975 to present.

Editor and publisher of "The Journal of World Investment & Trade" and "The Geneva Post Quarterly".

Chairman of the Geneva Global Arbitration Forum, 1991 to present.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre, 2004 to present.

Former member and vice-chairman of the Commission on Law and Practices relating to Competition of the International Chamber of Commerce, 1977-1987.

Former member of the Swiss Federal Competition Authority (Commission Suisse des Cartels), 1981-1988.


Arbitrator (party-appointed, third, sole) in more than 100 international cases, either International Chamber of Commerce, other institutions or ad hoc cases (32 times chairman, 18 times sole arbitrator, 57 times party-appointed arbitrator).

On the list of Swiss arbitrators of the International Chamber of Commerce, the panel of international arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association, the Regional Centre for Commercial Arbitration, Cairo, the Qatar International Center of Arbitration, the London Court of International Arbitration, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Beijing and Shangai.

Arbitrator in the following major cases (cases completed):

Ore exploitation

Nickel ore mine dispute between Japanese and Philippines investors.

Dispute between U.S. and Belgian parties concerning the extension of a bauxite processing plant in Guinea.


Oil products

Numerous disputes between trading companies concerning the purchase of crude oil and other oil products from the Gulf, Nigeria, Algeria and Libya.

Power plants

Several disputes between French and Greek parties concerning the construction and operation of steam-driven electricity generating units in Greece.

Dispute between French/English and Iranian parties concerning a plant in Iraq.

Dispute between Turkish parties concerning a concession agreement for the operation of power plants.

Dispute between Swiss and Greek parties concerning the construction of a Combined Cycle Plant.

Dispute between French and Australian parties concerning a power plant in New Caledonia

Dispute between French and Iraqi compagnies concerning power plants in Iraq


Various charter-party cases.

Shipbuilding disputes between Swedish and Polish parties.

Disputes between Algerian and French parties concerning repair works on a methane tanker.


Case between U.S. computer manufacturer and its European distributors concerning the scope of their exclusivity.

Dispute between U.S. and French parties concerning the purchase of a high-technology company.

Consumer goods

Dispute between luxury goods manufacturers concerning their manufacturing joint-venture in the United States.

Dispute between U.S and Lebanese parties concerning the sale of a soft-drink bottling company.


Dispute between French and Israeli parties concerning the sale of telecommunication equipment on China.

Dispute between French and Egyptian parties concerning the sale of satellite images.

Dispute between Swedish and Saudi parties concerning the sale of telecommunication equipment.

Dispute between Finnish and Turkish parties concerning mobile-telephone equipement.

Air transport

Dispute between French and Gulf parties concerning the sale of aircrafts.

Dispute between French and German parties concerning airport and baggage handling system.

Automotive industry

Dispute between Italian and Turkish parties concerning license of technology and construction of a plant in Turkey.

Dispute between German and U.S. parties concerning licensing of automotive systems.

Dispute between Chinese and Italian parties concerning the supply of components for the Chinese automotive industry.


Dispute between Hungarian and Canadian companies concerning the supply of serum.

Military equipment

Dispute between Greek and Iraqi parties concerning the supply of ammunition.

Dispute between French and Luxembourg parties concerning the termination of an agency agreement for the sale of military equipment.


Dispute between English and Italian parties concerning the sponsoring by a luxury goods manufacturer of a Formula One car racing team.

Dispute between Japanese and Swiss companies concerning licensing and promotion rights for a world football event.